Our Energy Future

Our Energy Future – Technology, Economics and Climate Change

Brad Hubbard-Nelson, Physicist

In order to avoid the worst consequences of human-induced climate change, human society will need to completely transform the ways we produce and use energy during the next couple of decades. What options are there, and where do they lead us? Is it a question of technology, economics, or environmental or other constraints that will determine this path? The course will cover the essentials of energy and power, the current and projected demands in the US and worldwide, the technologies (fossil fuels, renewables, nuclear, and exotic) for producing energy, and the impact of climate change on our energy mix going forward. The course will consist of 8 evening sessions, which will include an interactive lecture for one hour, followed by an open-ended discussion, and suggested readings when appropriate.

Brad Hubbard-Nelson is a Concord resident, and is a Ph.D. physicist, environmentalist and educator.

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