Denying Climate Change by not mentioning it

The Concord Journal perspective “Renewable Energy Faces Challenges” (April 5th) points out that renewable energy projects face many of the same NIMBY issues as conventional energy.  Not surprisingly, there is also opposition to them from economic interests that favor the status quo: fossil fuels.  The editorial incorrectly suggests that natural gas is a benign source, which it is not unless methane leakage is ignored.  It also confuses geothermal energy, which powers Iceland, with geothermal heat-pumps which are gaining traction in Massachusetts.  Their conclusion, that we should be content with a mix of conventional and new energy sources, is misguided and ignores a central fact not mentioned once in the piece:  Lowering greenhouse gas emissions to prevent catastrophic climate change is essential.  We are coming to a time in which the climate crisis is not a remote possibility: just ask residents of Puerto Rico, Houston, and parts of Boston this year.  Denying that climate disruption is a serious issue, by not mentioning it, is irresponsible journalism.  We can afford to take the necessary steps to wean ourselves off of fossil energy, even if it means paying a bit more for electricity.

Bradley Hubbard-Nelson, Concord

Chair, Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Committee

Posted in environment.